Saturday, 31 December 2005

283 Letter to Hogan Howe 4-1-1- 2015 the 21 day rule

what is the 21 day rule that they keep going on about what ever it is it has made no difference to me 

3-1-12015- 0551
after I went back to bed yesterday morning did have some sleep in the end got up about 9am I think

bed before midnight

4-1-2015- 0000
Big Ben in the background
there rule is if I go to bed before midnight they wake me up as many times as they want some of them do it ever hour 
a long time a go they said if I stayed up till midnight they would leave me alone until 6AM they have never once kept to this but when it was said I gave my word and have tried to keep to it, what they have said since is that when they give there word they can break it when ever they want ,


4-1-2015- 0218


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