Saturday, 31 December 2005

321 Letter to Hogan Howe 13-2-15 I DO NOT FOR GIVE -I DO NOT FOR GET -

when they target me they say things like when are they going to leave her alone meaning when are we going to be told to leave her alone, they all so keep saying how many time as she got to sat she will not give in, there first line of defence  is we are doing what we are payed to do
they want me to take down ever thing and then they say they will stop - the problem is I have done this before and they have not stop in fact they have got worse because they feel as thought they are winning 
that they said a few weeks ago is that they were going to do this until I was on my deathbed and the other thing one of them said was that when they give there word that I had to understand that they could break it when ever they wanted because they were police officer 
in giving me a life sentence  they gave them selves one because this will stay until the day I die 
yesterday I did not feel well all day and I feel no better this morning
they keep complaining about the fact that I have found away to prove when they have targeted between my legs and each office can be held responsible for his/her own rape- they feel they have lost a useful too tool but when I ask what this useful tool has got them there is no answer 
I remind them from time to time that they have families and wives and how this will effect them when they are arrested and they will be in the end, 
when this started I warned them not to take me because they did not know what they were getting they should have listened because I am stronger mentally then all of them put to-gather and I have tried to explain with a the patience's you would use with a child targeting my body will not break me down mentally 

I do not forget 
I do not for give 

                                   the woman on duty did this last night and took great pleasure in doing so





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