Saturday, 31 December 2005

311 Letter to Hogan Howe 2-2-15- my eyes

The woman on duty at 08-44 has just said she intends to target my eye,s until I GIVE IN give in to what, me taking down my blog so you can go back to 207/8 when you were causing me extreme pain and no body knew about it or what weapons you have, that of cause is still a mystery and I have ask question on What do they no only to be lied to
the office who are targeting me get off on it both the men and sadly the woman they regard the videos I make as there trophy and Prof that they are doing there job, This make me wonder just what they have to be afraid of,  Is there fear based on  the fact they no to much and are afraid to speak out in case someone shoot the messenger, some time ago one of the woman said she wanted out and was told she could not leave, I sometimes wonder who is worse of me or them I guess they were given all kinds of reassurance as to the out come of this,
one been that I would not live very long because of the pain they were causing me and of cause they had Dr David Kelly to go by - I think they used voice to skull and drove him to his death and then there is the Princess Diann - I know for a fact that they have weapons that could have forced her car to crash because I have felt them,
I do not know if all there weapons will be made public knowledge but when they are people will be shocked at what they have got and how  they are been used

they have now been targeting my eye,s for days they woke me up god knows how many time in the night 



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