Saturday, 31 December 2005

310 Letter to Hogan Howe 1-2-15- trying to blind me can only be for the fun of the officer on duty at the time

the movement you can see caused by there weapons and is used to try and stop the videos been use able but it just provides me with more evidence against them,
they keep going on about joint enterprise and the 21 day rule one I understand the 21 day rule I do not understand, on Friday one of the men on duty said if he end up in prison because of me he'd and his voice trailed of, if he ends up there he will have one to thank only himself and the people he works with
when you watch this little clip you will see it is not about making the person been caused pain compliant it is about making the person giving the pain compliant 

my this morning 


them targeting my laptop

                                                                          and tv








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