Saturday, 31 December 2005

327 Letter to Hogan Howe 20-2-15- cooker and sleep

the off ice on duty have been targeting my knee all evening they have not stop at all the woman on duty right now (0028) has just said she felt they had been doing to long even though she is still doing it 

on my Motorola

this is my new cooker wonder how long it will be before they make it look like the old one 

they are now complaining about the fact that all my cooking equipment has a timer on it and I have the hand book for them 
did mac cheese to day in the small oven and it was prefect 

this is the first microwave I have had and so far have only done porridge in it and cooked in the time recommended 

this is my old cooker when I say old it is only a few years old 
what they have done is target it through the front and it has made all the enamel come of it and the ring are disintegrating so I have keep samples from them 








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