Saturday, 31 December 2005

330 Letter to Hogan Howe 22-2-15-

coming up with a plan for my hand has been quite thought provoking as to how to cook in a safe manner, the big cooker is going and I have brought a table top oven and a microwave and two rings, I do not now have to bend and lift hot thing out of an oven and do not have to carry hot pan across  the kitchen, I am luck in as much I have worked with old people and have seen the trouble they have got in to over the year's, so for me it is going to be a different kind of cooking, my other bit of good luck is that I love casseroles and to be honest could live on them, so as long as I can use my slow cooker and wash it up I should be OK. -that is the other thing washing up, there are going to be so many thing that I will have to do in a different way but I am quite inventive so I will have see what I come up with, it is the cups washing the inside of them when I can not get my hand in 







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