Saturday, 31 December 2005

331 Letter to Hogan Howe 22-2-15- you will not bring me down you evil B

yesterday they spent all day targeting my hart and causing me pain to my left breast I have had three different lot of lumps removed from there all ready - they know this that is why they do it, 
to-day they have turned put the pain to my left leg because they are upset because of my knew cooking arrangement- one of them said early that it was not going to be as much fun now, My brother in Law could not believe the state of the cook all the white enamel is coning off down the side I thought it was only the front -
when I showed my sister my leg yesterday they were shocked they are swollen and hard they know this so have amused themselves to day by causing it as much pain as possible in fact they think when I see the doctor he will send me to hospital, 

they caused a small spot on my tummy and it bleed a bit this all ways delight them when they draw blood and there yellow stuff was all over my white t shirt 

this yellow stuff is all over my underwear and night drees and between my toes and body 

my leg is sore and the pain they have caused me has been to make me take down this blog, what the two B's who are on duty have said is it is to make me believe them when they say they will leave me alone once I have done it, I have taken thing down before when they have said they will stop trying to blind me and they have not kept there word and after have said that I have to understand that because they are police office they have a right to break there word, 
Let this be a warning to any who has any dealing with them
All you have to remember is that there word is as worthless as Hogan Howe, 

I do not for get
I do not for give 
expect me to fight on, 
when this started I told PS Patterson not to take me because you did not know what you were getting 
you should have listened 

the men on duty at 19-16 have just said that my skin can not stand up to what they are doing like it did - when they use what I call there hard pain it leaves a bruise - then one of them said it was because of my age and no one had allowed for me getting old because they thought they would have killed me off by now after what they have put through
I have to say is that because they dispatched Dr David Kelly and thought I would last no longer then him,

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