Saturday, 31 December 2005

336 Lettter to Hogan Howe 28-2-15- my legs and your stupidity

they have been targeting my leg for the last hour 
the office a man keep asking who he is on duty with what can they do to my legs that will not cause an infection - he should have asked me as I know the answer nothing because all of there weapons break my skin and it only take a pin prick to start it of  on any part of my body,
then use chemicals on me then wonder how I got an infection 

what I have said on the pic is 
back of lower left leg before I cleaned of there white stuff -it is like removing cheese spreed from there triangle 

having removed it you would expect to find an open sore but as you can see there is non only the small red marks you see- why is it so important form them to hide red marks with something that looks so much worse 

the officer on duty at  08-29 (28-2-15) is causing me extreme pain to the back of my left leg to the point it is make me feel sick, they are saying they want me to beg them to stop this is so it turn them on even more - the other thing he said was I hope they gave her a good going over in the night- 






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