Saturday, 31 December 2005

337 Letter to Hogan Howe 1-3-15- some of you are not as bright as you think

I have been a sleep most of the day and indeed at one stage thought it was snowing different coloured snow.
what one of the office on duty has realised is the Cellulites is to do with the blood and that is why my white blood cells are of,
what they have been trying to do is make my leg look like it it did 2011 when this first started they shot white stuff on to my leg that went hard and difficult to remove, what I told the Doctor back then that it was a chemical burn because I did not no what to make of it, what he realised is that a chemical burn from so long a go would not reactivate it self, nor do I have yellow blood 
updated at 12-55
my right leg 
the woman on duty has spent all morning targeting my leg - on Monday there was nothing on it so they have made it itch relentless to try and make me scratch it to cause wounds on my leg
my rule is I never use my finger nail and when it get unbearable I use a bit of lace to relive the itch so it keep the integrate of there rash

this pic dose not do it justice 

right leg 

left leg

when I went to the Doctors on the  23 my leg was 54 cm it is now 49/50 so it has gone down a bit 

I posted these Pic in Label 
All my leg posting January 2012 it was up dated on the 13-12-14
if they ask me at the hospital what it is this time I will tell them to look at this blog and take skin samples 




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