Saturday, 31 December 2005

341 Letter to Hogan Howe 5-3-15- what is there to say up dated 22-32

All  day they have been making my leg itch to try and convince that they are telling the truth when they say they will stop targeting me if I take down my blog - you can not prove you are going to do a positive thing by doing a negative thing -just Howe stupid are you - because you have lied so many time by saying if you take down we will stop and I told you a long time ago you have had your last change,
and to the woman who has been on duty stop begging it will get you nothing 

and well done to the man on duty who said no-body is going to think she did this to her self  

I have photo fixed with the thing on my phone to high light the marks there itch makes 


time 2-13am

time 2-13am

time 3-25am

time 4-08am

time 5-28am

time 9-45am

time 9-15am

time 9-15am


what they do is make my leg itch until it drive me mad so I rub it with something to relive it because when it bleeds it make the cellulite worse - I have post about what it is 

these are the small sore they caused 

up dated at 22-19pm
front of both my legs

right leg -9-51pm

left leg 9-58pm

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