Saturday, 31 December 2005

343 letter to Hogan Howe 8-3-15- you only have 24 to make it work

they shot me in the face and eye yesterday just before I went to my sister for breakfast, while I was there they targeted my tummy so I kept running to the loo, The woman on duty said she was doing it to embarrass me as she felt it was all they had left to punish me with - I got my brother in law to bring me home 
one of the men with a brain cell still working said ' when she ends up in hospital it is the sign we should stop because they expect it to get better once they give her the tablets and not worse and what is making it worse is no one can understand why her leg is like it is' my guess is he will be sent home for having a thought of his own not allowed in the Met they only like police office who will obey orders with out question even when they are asked to behave live thugs 

they started  making my leg itch and turned up the heat to burn it on the 7-2-15 they have done it ever day since even after they knew cellulose's 

my left leg on the 7-2-15-

my right leg on the 7-2-15-

the man on duty made my leg itch to the point he thought there would be a rash in the morning so turned up the heat to cover the rash, I made a video as a reminder 

my leg on the 8-3-15-

my right leg 

my left leg






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