Saturday, 31 December 2005

342 Letter to Hogan Howe 6-3-15- what is this obsession of keeping me awake with pain up dated at 07--46am

just got in to bed 



as soon as I turned the light out they started on my legs 

what they said they were doing was trying to clean my leg up 
what the nurse at the hospital thought was dry skin is some kind of chemical from when they microwave my leg all of there pain and sensation leave a trace - any way she told me to put some cream on it and a sock and it would start to come off the only problem is they have caused years to do they want me to clean it up over night 

no sleep yet  the man and woman on duty are determined to fill there boots at my expense 
this is the second night they have done this 

up dated at 07-46am

I have not had a good night they kept making me itch until the early hours 

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