Saturday, 31 December 2005

344 Letter to Hogan Howe 9-3-15- up dated at 08-15am

I have been trying to clean up my leg it is so sore it take a while the only way to do is to Wait for there yellow stuff to go brown because if you don't it brings to much of the skin under it off, when it first hits your leg it is very sticky and hard to remove - the good new is I have got some real good samples two small blobs of the yellow stuff it look like ear wax only more yellow - I did get some that was still very wet and have a sample of it hope it survive OK


taken on the 8-3-15-4-01pm after putting them in warm water 

8-3-15-4-00 pm

8-3-15-4-00 pm

you can see the difference between my up leg and the lower part of it 

just going to bed 
left leg 8-3-15-11-02pm

                                                           right leg 8-3-15-11-02pm



9-3-15-7-43 am

it is 01-53 and I am sitting in my chair in the cold because the heating has gone off and they shot my elctric blanket to-day because they woman on duty is burning my leg and making it itch at the same time, what she has said is that she is doing it because I went to bed early, this is what happened a long time a go they said if I gave my word and stayed up until midnight they would let me sleep til 6 am they have never kept there word once but because I gave my word I have unless I am real unwell,





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