Saturday, 31 December 2005

349 Letter to Hogan Howe - 13-3-15-are you calling a press conference to call me a lie -if so -bring it on 14-3-15

when I went shopping to-day they caused me so much pain while I was walking around I do not know how I did not drop to the floor- then when I sat down they caused me pain to my groin this is the pain that made me give up driving because they did it once and I nearly had an accident- at first I thought it was going to be a one of then they kept me in bed for days with the same pain, and I end up in hospital-
pointless behaviour shooting there yellow stuff on my leg so I have to go and wash it off they call this inconveniencing  me only I am not playing that game they can shoot me as much as they like because I will leave it there until my whole leg is covered in the dam stuff, the only way to get it off is by pulling it off with a pair of tweezers and it has to be the right colour at the moment it is bright yellow
They have spent the rest of the day saying they need to find away to prove that I am doing this to myself -
Dose this mean Hogan Howe is going to call a press conference and tell they world that I am a lie because if he is I look forward to that day - bring it on
I am telling the truth and would be quite happy to stand up in an court and say what I have to say,
                                    Hogan Howe you and your office are payed thugs
                           when I warned you not to take me on you should have listened
                               I was trained by someone who could leave you standing
in 2004 one of your men said he had decided  to designate me the stupid one you mistook my inability to spell for stupid that is not a mistake you will make again - in 2007 one of your men said 'it is good to have her to take our bad mood out on then we go home sweet to the wife' do you think that because you have decided to use this pain now to get me to take down my blog or any thing it feels different from when it was for your own pleasure  only  - well let me tell you it dose not,
your  office targeted me every morning from the moment I went on utub to post ever day and what they  would say is shoot her in the eye until she get out of bed and post's and I told them you are targeting me to put stuff on utub that you have know way of getting down - you can not use the same method to achieve one thing then another-
at the end of last year one of your office said that you intend to do this to me until I am on my death bed you have made the ultimate threat what have you go left
You have taken form me ever thing I held dear there is nothing you can do or say that will make me take down this or any thing else unless you stop and I have enough time to believe you will not revisit that could take a life tine who knows -
what you have to loss well ever thing
By the way I now know what your plan was and still is, to make me post every day to see how long it would be before someone knocked on your door, and to see if I would be believed - you are fools you have tortured  someone to put stuff on the Internet that one day will send you to prison and you nave took in to consideration that it would be to late for you to get down because when someone knocks on your door the shit will have hit the fan - and you had the cheek to call me the stupid one

                                                these are samples taken from my leg all are safe
                                            what the chemical is I do not know but someone will

                                               it is the groin of my right leg they cause pain to

they have targeted the back of my leg all day all ways on the most tender part so the pain is worse

my leg at 22-39





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