Saturday, 31 December 2005

357 letter to Hogan Howe 22-3-15 I had a strange dream updated at 10-pm

my leg is worse then it looks in this pic - 

the other thing I have done is scraped all the yellow from around my ankles and kept it 
the strange thing is that there bright yellow turns green when it is on your leg this is what you have to wait for to get it off without cause a sores 

close up of the one above 




the dream
I dreamt I was in India and had a lioness and a man wanted to paint us but he wanted it to look as though the lion had attacked a man who he made lay down so he could pain him then I had to lay in the same spot with the lion who had a paw over me, some one gave me a cooking dish that I put on a cooking stove but it was on a dirt road, it remind me of my granddad his was a coal one -  


                                                                                22-3-15-1150 am
they were targeting both my eyes 


look at my eyes 


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