Saturday, 31 December 2005

358 Letter to Hogan Howe 23-3-15- updated at 10pm

22-3-15-3-30 pm 
There bright yellow turns green after a few days on your leg and that is when it should be removed but I have had to go for broke and remove it all to try and stop them shooting more stuff on to my leg, what I have done is scrap all the yellow stuff from around my ankle and kept it - 
I have wonder if keep it moist will stop it sticking or making sure if it is well creamed - the cream will do my skin good as my legs are very dry -
the other thing I have learnt is that it you put a dressing on it make things worse and stick because it has no where to go best to keep your legs uncovered  so  it can run down them 

my leg look so much better when they take away there redness they did it on the day I collapsed and was taken to hospital not only did my sister see it so did the ambulance man who remarked on it - so much more happened that day as well regarding my sats 






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