Saturday, 31 December 2005

361 Letter to Hogan Howe no sleep yet again updated at 8-30am

they are trying to  bring me down by not letting me sleep the fist night they said it was because they did not want me to go out and the same goes for last night so what is to night about as I am not going out in the morning  

they targeted my ankle because they said I had not taken a pic of my ankle - what I do is take a pic of the place they target 

this is what they did in just a short time 

I took this while they were targeting my leg with the itch I think what is on it is the microwave weapon


as soon as I got in to bed they turned up the itch while saying they wanted me to have a better night then I did last night and pretending to be concerned about what my sister would think when she see my leg -
the other think they keep saying is that they do not think I will last much longer after all they have put me through - and they call making me itch teasing me - they all so keep asking me to give them a chance a chance to do what - the only people who can give them a change is them selves by stopping and I do not understand what they mean by giving them a chance a chance to do what -




microchip in  people 
why cant they do this with a tracking device to keep tabs on sex offends 

It is 2am and I still have had no sleep so am watching Lovjoy, it is kinder nice watching old TV programs. and as I do not remember any of them they are kinder of new to me. he has just been given a bill from the dentist - 

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