Saturday, 31 December 2005

360 Letter to Hogan Howe 25-3-15- what are you afraid of that you need to keep me prisoner

when I got in to bed the two men on duty said they would not put me through what they had last night a 
 the turned on there weapon, and are still targeting me at this moment 
the think by doing this I will not go out in the morning but they are wrong I will go
the question is why do they want to keep me in what are they afraid off 
at fist they said it was to make me compliant but it is more then that 
I wish I knew what is going on 
they keep saying we can not let her go out and she can shop on line and it is bad enough that she goes out on a Friday morning 
time 03-22 still not had any sleep, have made a coffee and taken some fruit bread out of the freezer and am going to toast it and have it honey on, have given up all thought of going to sleep,
Have put drama on and am  watching Lovejoy an older from the past it is about an antique deal who stray shall we say but has a good hart 
03-56 there is about gardening program now and the poor woman had all her hard work destroyed by a bull of all thing 
04-26 the woman on duty has just shop some of there stuff on to my leg and I wiped it straight away -she wanted to know how I knew they had done it - simple you can feel a rain drop on your face and there stuff feels like that - it dose not matter how much they turn them down you can feel it,
she did ask who ever is on duty with what was the point of them doing it 
05-17 have had a little sleep in the chair but they woke me up, they have stopped making me itch but are shooting me with there stuff - my right leg feels as though it is on fire at the moment 
0603 just had some toasted fruit bread with honey and a cup of coffee so feeling a bit more human 
8-30 had a bit of a sleep in the chair and am now up and dressed when I was working I spent many a night up all night looking after someone and had to work all day as well, 
when I worked in an old people home I looked after 10 people on my own from Friday afternoon until Tuesday - my shift was Friday and I did it with someone who was going away after she had finished and I thought the girls who were going to take over were just late so let her go home and I stayed on and no-body turned up and I phoned everyone including the manger and could not get hold of any one who was willing to give up there bank hoilday  the only help I had was when my son came and cooked the Sunday lunch and Chris came for a few hours on the Sunday  
I did not go  to bed in all that time now I only have my self to look after and so will go shopping and then have a sleep if I need one 

hear is man who can tell you what there weapons can do

they started on me the moment I came back from the library - found out that Grandfather Michelthwaite lived to be 76 and did not die in the fire he caused in 1935 then showed the lady who had helped me with it about all the confusion I had found about him been linked with a different family and she told me they do 30 minutes reaches for free so she is going to find out what she can and is going to let me know in a few days 







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