Saturday, 31 December 2005

369 letter to Hogan Howe 4-4-15-- I am one of the 99% we are Legion

my legs I am fed up with taking pic of them because they make them red you can not see just how bad they are - but that is OK as when I went to the wedding on Tuesday my sister saw them and anyone who who wanted to peep they were shocked at how dry they are and sore looking, there red makes it look as though I have an infection but when they turn it off you can see the rash there itching has caused and the purple caused by them burning them - they are lucky that I did not end up in hospital yesterday they targeted my head and legs while I was shopping and in the end I had to ask for help I felt so ill, 
when they started this they could not have known what a strong person I am both mantel and physically or they would have never taken me on but to my own credit I told them in fact what I said was 
' do not taken me because you truly do not know what you are getting '  
they should have listened because long before I found Anonymous 
I told them I would fight to the end 
what I told them was
' they should not take on a left wing bitch' 
when one of them called me that I remind him he was only repeating what I had said 







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