Saturday, 31 December 2005

370 Letter to Hogan Howe 5-4-15- I have yet won another battle and in the end I will win the war

you and your office seek to bring me down and yet again I will tell you it will not happen,, if you think for one moment you can send men and woman after me who are not fit to lick my shoes you are mistaken,
I will keep looking for weapons like the one I posted on my time line that as made you give up shooting your crap on to my legs with liquid projectiles
  Had you been brought up with my stands you  would not be in the state you are in and had you had the kind of training I have had you may have stood a change of winning,
I spotted the hopeless bunch of fools  you are pleased to call office from the begin and I would recognise the them again -
Hear this you will not put me down like some dog, you had me down as worthless someone who life was was yours for the taking.  you could not have known who I had meet on the way who had life skills you and your office could only dream off

     I warned you not to take me on you you have listened expect me Hogan Howe because one day I will have your ball as small as they are 

                                               patent number WO2013109634A1

when I got in to bed last night the woman on duty made my legs itch for no other reason then she got off on it 
the man on duty told her they were told to leave me alone and she said she would say she did not not know this is said to make me think she is disobeying orders- who do they think they are kidding and it is only said to make me think they will get in to trouble why they bother with this charade I do not know 
the woman on duty wanted me to make videos of me scratching my leg because they see as them as some kind of trophy 








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