Saturday, 31 December 2005

372 letter to Hogan Howe 7-4-15- why is there a ball of light dancing around the lamp

the man on duty at 21-39 has just said he wants me to take down my blog while he is causing me pain because it will be the start of  making me obedient   - good luck with that- in ever group there is a comedian  they have just found there's the pain he is causing is to the right side of my neck 

this is Peter Mooring legs this is how mine were when they fist started



I had got out of bed and was sitting on the side and was going to say something while sitting there because my legs are so sore laying in bed is uncomfortable - as I turned the phone I could see the lamp and watched the ball of light dancing around it - and forgot what I was going to say -
why do there weapons do this to my lamp - I have to say thee have been times when I wanted to dismantle ever thing to find what ever they have in planted in this flat what allows  them to use there weapons at will
I wish I was as clever as the hackers and could hack no points for who I would hack in to sadly I am still at the fingers x stage 

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