Saturday, 31 December 2005

373 Letter to Hogan Howe 8-4-15-

My brother in law and sister are back of holiday so will be able to go to the doctors and get something for my legs which are real sore - they have caused a rash with there itch and I have tiny blood spots over part of my leg because I have rubbed them with a cloth - and they are very sore when the dog rubbed up against them yesterday it was painful 
right now I am going back to bed for an hour 
they are targeting my tummy to make me go to the loo so I can not go to the doctors they should have stopped and let them heal but before they went away they kept saying they were going to give me a week of hell -what they forgot was there week of hell take two to three week to heal been hear before the last time was my arms and they have done this to my legs before as well - there need to commit a violent act over whelms there common sense  





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