Saturday, 31 December 2005

387Letter to Hogan Howe 22-4-15- in bed all morning because of there pain

the woman on duty woke me in the night because they thought my sister M was going away for two week and she would not see my legs as you can see I have at last got all the crap of my legs that they were using, it looked like scabs but when it dried it went a strange shade of alumnus green this alone has made them look better, So they decide they would make them itch which cause a rash and it takes three week to get rid of it, so what they decide to do was burn them at the same time so the rash would not show, This morning they decide to cause me pain so that I could not see what flats were available because they thought I only had til midday when I have til Sunday - 
my left leg in on the bottom right on the top








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