Saturday, 31 December 2005

390 Letter to Hogan Howe 25-4-15- what do the Met police have in common with the Khmer Rouge

these are my feet after they had spent all day targeting them with pain when they have filed there boots my feet are sore for days unlike Chum May his feet would have been hard to heel and taken many months,

if I had been locked in a cell I would not have survived the day with out giving in 
I take my hat off to this brave man and  all the other people who went through so much and who have rebuilt there lives for the are truly brave. 
This is Chum May who survived the Khmer Rouge

and this is how his feet may have looked

and this is how this very brave man looks to-day       

what do the Metropolitan police and the Khmer Rouge have in common they have the same mind set 
to control  people by with fear by use of tortoure for there masters   









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