Saturday, 31 December 2005

394 Letter to Hogan Howe 29-4-15- what is normal

The men on duty this morning want me to be normal as I would like them to be, 
The way I live now is normal for me because my days are in some ways governed by the pain they cause me and finding ways of doing what I want to do, they then went to to say like the rest of them they all gave in why can't she 
They say they can not give up torturing me because they have worked to hard to get me to this stage this stage been -I do not know, I truly do not know because what I do no is that if they left me alone I would be able to get myself to a reasonable stage of fitness, 
I would like them to act like normal men because normal men do not torturer people, 
the other thing that was said this morning was that they were still doing there normal duty and they did this when they could sore of thing, so dose this come as over time which means they must be making a lot of money 





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