Saturday, 31 December 2005

458 Letter to Hogan Howe - 12-7-15 light and how it works

I am going to see the nurse on Monday wonder if she will see the bruise 
some of the office are asking each other what the point is of what they are doing or ever has been 

this xray shows the bones of the hand 
I do not know how xrays work we are all just thankful they do

I have been trying to work out how the bruise they cause me show p to the naked eye and not other times - when I collapsed last year the doctor could see the line of bruise on my leg quite clearly  and he asked me what a had banged in to and if my sister had not been there I do not think he would have believed I had nothing that wold cause them

when I went to the hospital this week he said nothing about the bruise and that was because the bright light was in front of me and not behind me 

I am trying to understand how the light from Mobile phone work and I think it is because they are so intense and quite near to you when you take a pic 
so I took the pic below to see how bright the light is when you take a pic
what I now know is they are bright enough to just high light just under your skin 

they have been targeting my eye on and off all day but the two who have come on duty this evening have turned it up and have not stopped for the last hour 



                               this is me trying to understand how bright the flash is on a mobile






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