Saturday, 4 January 2003

4-letter to Hogan Howe

I have posted 6 videos becase they woke me three times and targeted me until I went to sleep, when I fist go in to bed they targeted my toes with extreme pain, much to there disappointment I laughed they have been doing this since 2006,

16-32 I am only posting one for this afternoon as I have been asleep most of it because they keep waking me up at night I catch up in the day

Hogan Howe that id you and your men long tongue liars, and you gamble with your professional and personal lives, your God will hunt you down

one of the officer today said they had been told that they would be able to train me like a dog and what he had found out it was like dealing with a rabid pit bull

23-50 the office on duty have been targeting me in the eye all evening the bright light is what case the pain it feels like a pin been stuck in yo eye all of the time

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