Saturday, 10 December 2005

476 Letter to Hogan Howe 3-8-15-

When my son was small I sent his to his room for been naughty and he said think you I can now finish my book, at the time I thought he was just saying it to make me even more x then I was at the time
I now understand where he was coming from there is a kind of peacefulness about finding your self in your bedroom when you do not expect to be there they do it to punish me or stop me from doing what they think is my hart desire at the time they way I look at it is what dose not get done today will be done another day and if I die with out doing it who will care,
Even when they are causing me pain it is peaceful and the tension in my body goes and I just melt in to the bed and go to sleep while they fill there boots, 
when I am up ever movement is painful because they target me knees and when I am in the kitchen they start on my back I now have a stool I can sit on,
the other thing is the time goes so quickly when I am in bed - my sleep Paten is all messed up and I do wonder it I will ever right it again, My other bit of good look is that for years and year I got up to ever need me so been woken all thought irritating because it serve no useful purpose only for them to fill there boots of cause 
I am 68 and am been treated like a naughty child 

this is my side and because they are targeting all of the time it is coming out in bruise 
one of the office asked the other that if I end up in hospital how I would explain all the bruise I have not only on my side buy legs and arms - when the doctor ask me the last time I did not explain it and will not the next time either 

they did this yesterday 
this is the back of my left leg what ever they used to make the sore you see leaves it sore but it never bleed when they made sore to my leg they did not bleed either even when they went quite deep 
the black things  that look like hair are not they are some thing to do with there weapons there is all so yellow stuff on my leg as well as the white marks that you see 






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