Saturday, 10 December 2005

477 Letter to Hogan Howe 4-8-15- The CIA and there fails when waterboarding

Last night I watched a program about tortour and the CIA they had fails with people when water boarding them and once they realised that it did not matter how many times they did it they would not get the info they wanted they returned to chatting to the prisons and amongst the lies got useful info that they wanted
Now I am in a different situation because I have not been a terrorist or a criminal so there is no info to be got out of unless you want to know how to to make my mum Yorkshire pudding ( wish she was hear to do me one and yes I can do  them but there is nothing like your mums)  There main objective was to see how long someone could live been targeted by them or to put it another way how long it would take them to become murders - I have out lived there expectation you will get this when you come from good working stock like me  -  Which make to this morning pointless they woke me to pain to my head and kept on until some one told them about the CIA program and for the second time this week were told what they were doing was a thankless task and ever time they say it will be the last time they do it we will see they stopped about 3pm







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