Saturday, 31 December 2005

482 Letter to Hogan Howe 9-8-15 the devil finds work for hands

The devil finds work for Idol hands, I have never been able to just and watch the TV, I have always found some thing to do with my hand

when we had these TV I sat and knitted -I made jumpers for my son and then husband and myself  I use to make Aron jumpers year after I divorced my husband he told me he was still wearing them 

now I have a TV like this I sit and do my family tree or some times do a bit of colouring 
these fool are trying to control me by targeting my eye, ever time I stop doing some thing they target my eye - the question is what do they hope to get out of it at the moment my eye is real sore 

on the one below I have used the photofix on my phone to bring out the bruis to show just how bad it is 

this video dose not do justice to the amount of hard work they have put in to trying to blind me 


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