Saturday, 31 December 2005

481 Letter to Hogan Howe 8-8-15- we do not give up like the CIA - our weapon is like a drill

Yesterday one of the office said they were not like the CIA they did not give up that is because there prime objective are different the CIA want to frighten people in to giving them information - wear as the Metropolitan police there main objective is to see how long it is to murder someone  with there non-lethal weapon - one of them has said with in the last few week that I have out lived there expectation, they have all so been talking about about who ever bring me down getting a bones

                                                                   7-8-2015 - 16-25
the two men on duty have been causing me extreme pain to the side of my leg all day caring on from what they started in the night - the remakes they have been making are along the lines of  ' she just has to sit there and take it' and I do not believe we are doing that much damage' and I think she is putting on the pain' I can not tell you how painful it is -
the only thing I can relate it to is this  some one drilling in to your leg but never stopping



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