Saturday, 31 December 2005

564 Letter to Hogan Howe 23-9-15 How long did it take you to make them

how did you make them do your bidding 

My question to you Hogan Howe is how long did it take to make them and how did you do it
was it as easy as giving them more money or did you do a psychological profile and they fitted the bill or do you have something on them  
the woman on duty thinks I have no proof but I have your dater I know for a fact that ever thing I do is written down and you make videos and they will match mine - in fact some years ago one of your fool let it slip that he had is own so he could not be accused of doing something he had not -

the experiment were not to make the learner compliant but the one giving the pain
this is the original Milgram experiment

23-9-15- 2214








it is now 04-26 and while I have been doing this they have caused me extreme pain to my hip and legs as all ways -  even when I am just sitting doing nothing they still target me - and this started long before I started this blog -
it has been 24/7 to the point they wake me to fill there boots 

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