Saturday, 31 December 2005

593 Letter to Hogan Howe 31-10-15- Bad dreams and pain


what went on last night I do not know I woke to pain in my knee and a stabbing pain in my groin the pain was so  bad I could not gain any focus - I had a job to open my eyes and the things that were going through my head did not make sense's - I thought I had to make David a birthday cake and could not remember how many boxes of smarties I needed - I can remember thinking that Pole bears would eat me and brown bears would not 
how long it took me to come around I do not know ever thing seamed strange and it the end made a coffee and played cards on the I thing or what ever it is called until I felt calmer and got my head to-gather 
I think the level of pain the used sent me in to shock 
I can remember fighting to come around 






31-10-15- 0207



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