Saturday, 10 December 2005

492 Letter to Hogan Howe 21-8-15- what was yesterday about king of fools

they have been targeting me since 2007 for nothing more then there own pleasure and to for fill there prim objective which is to see how long I can live going through this each and ever day 
Now they are saying that they are doing it to make me take down my post's - the video below show what they were like before I started posting - now the are as bad but in a different way _ I can not take a step without them targeting my legs to the point that the pain makes me want to crumble to the floor and just stay there, to-day has been just dreadful they caused me pain to the back of my leg and when they do I can not weight bear - this would have been a good time for them to stop but as they have told me quite categorically  they will not stop until I am on my death bed what ever I do what would be the point of me taking down any thing they have all so told me that when they give there word it is there right to break it as they are police officers  
While I was in my new home and they were targeting me the woman on duty said she was entitled to have her fun and that I was just putting on the pain 
there problem is what effects me physically dose not effect me mentally only to make me stronger 
when they first started this I told them not to take me because they did not know what they were getting 
they should have listened 








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