Monday, 31 December 2001

18-9-16 Letter to Hogan Howe - SLEEP AND PAIN

when this started there rule was that I had to go to sleep while they caused me pain and I have learnt to do this some times 
one day last week or the week before I fell a sleep while they were causing me pain to the side of my leg so what they are doing now is causing me extreem pain to the side of my leg and hope I will go to sleep so they can wake me up and then try and make me go to sleep again 
the pain was so bad to night that I started shaking 
the pain they are causing me make the back of my leg swell up to the point I have trouble bending it and as if this was not enough they have been targeting between my leg and they have caused it to bleed 

they say they do this to humiliate me
but it say more about them then me 
I can not go and take there weapons of them 

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