Monday, 31 December 2001

5-11-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - we did not mean to make her cry they said

There are two men on duty and they have been causing me pain to my right leg all night even when I am half a sleep I can feel it- now I am upset they are saying they did not mean to make me cry - Let me tell you when some one points a gun at you and pull the trigger they mean it - when someone points a weapon at your hart and pulls the trigger they mean it - these men sound to be in there 40's and there other comments are they can not give up because they will look like losers so they must think targeting a woman of 70 make them look like heroes -  some of them keep saying they want me off there books if this were true they would not be doing what they are doing they would be crawling back under the stone they came from and hope no body ever found them - I think they like living on the edge and thrive in the kudos they think it gives them because for the time been they are getting away from with it
The Metropolitan police are a bunch of thugs who think they can get away with any thing this week they were in the news for abusing a young girl there is no end to there ruthlessness and someone need to take a close look at them






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