Monday, 31 December 2001

9 to the 11-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe weapons and appetite

9-2-17 time 09-47

what has changed well they have stopped targeting my head in the morning because they realised even with the pain I liked laying in bed watching the TV because right now getting up is an effort
I have always got up early much to the announce of my sons when they were small.

Breakfast  hand full of cereal
lunch current bun
tea neck of lamb with veg and pearl barley

for some reason I can not print any thing so will have to put ever thing on a memory stick and take it to my sister and use her what a bother

Time 16-20 ever time I come off doing my family tree the two men on duty target under my bust making it itch to try and make me go back on again they then think they have made me compliant but really they use it as away of filling there boots,
the trouble is they have no brains who ever set this up made it an operation of two part one making them compliant and the other to see how long I would live while they were targeting me -
they will be feeling pleased with themselves right now as I have come back on hear and they have stopped but need to right it down while it was in my head if I leave it some times I forget any way going to log of again there are two men on duty

time 22-03 the office on duty have started causing what I call hard pain to my leg it is like someone has your leg in a vice and is turning the screw all the time

I am at a loss at the moment as to what to do next if one one more person tells me I look well I will scream long and loud - and that is why I will not let my view  me when I have popped my clogs

I eating is not getting any better and am and one night when I was cooking my tea it made me feel like crying I have not lost my taste buds and enjoy what I am eating - I am not in pain but need to find out what is wrong with me before that happens - 
they are still targeting my tummy and wonder if they have caused this who knows after all they do not know what there weapons are capable off that is why they are testing them on the like of and other people  - I do know that there weapon can make you feel hunger what if they have done some thing with out knowing that has killed my appetite 

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