Monday, 31 December 2001

1-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe


My alarm went off at 8am and they started on my head straight away pain to the back of my neck and it make it swell up and to the top of my head and what I call the fussy thing the swelling has been record by the hospital before I moved hear

If you find you feel full up all of the time even when you can not eat you must see a doctor and keep going until they find out what is wrong with you - you must all so keep eating small meal

                                                          this is what I am doing
8am one small pot of yogurt and a 1/4 of tin pear + coffee

have made a broth type thing
3 chicken wing and some frozen veg + onion add a chicken cube and Worcestershire sauce I am keeping what a call a thin soup type thing - this will last me a day or two there was a time I would have eaten all of it in one go - I will have this at about 1pm I use the one below but there are other you need to find the one you like best and it give the soup a lift


had one salmon on croute for my tea eat all of the salmon but left some of the pastry

time 2-15 the men on duty are sending wave through my head it make you feel spaced out a bit and it is all effecting my laptop making it slow they are all so send a squeak noise down my left ear

time 7-30pm the officer on duty has just shot me through my right eye with a long sharp pain this did this to my left eye and made a hole in it -the other day when they did the same thing they remarked I would not need my eyes for much longer as I was dying my right eye is not as good as it use to be sine they have started shooting me in the eyes again ever time they wake me up - the pain it cause is over whelming - they have just said I do not have prof of what they are doing but I do because one day some one will ask them for there videos and I know for a fact that ever time they shout me or cause me pain it is stored on there system

10pm 3 spoons of rice pudding

the woman on duty at 10-30pm thinks I am putting it on -if only

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