Monday, 31 December 2001


My Day on the 31-1-17
they work me this morning with pain to my head and the back of my neck and said if I got up while they were doing and just gave in once they would never do it again - good job I had the curtin open because I saw the pink pig going by

breakfast yorghurt and 2 biscuits

1pm had one slice of  brown bread and spreed blue cheese on it and some tin pear all the time I was eating they target the center of my back

6pm had m cabbage thing and some  3 chicken nuggets

10pm 3 desert of home made rice pudding

31-1-7 time 3-15
have just been putting my washing to dry on the radiator as you do the two men on duty said we can target her back all we like she has not got cancer there -they never stopped when they though I had

31-1-17 time 9pm I have been doing a jigsaw on line all the time I have been doing this they have targeted me with hard pain there are two brave men on duty at the moment

There new thing is to target me then keep saying they are sorry - what are they sorry for what they are doing at the moment what they have done since 2004 or what they are going to do or are they sorry for themselves because they are afraid the game is up

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