Monday, 31 December 2001

31-1-17 letter to Hogan Howe


This is my first post for some time because I have been ill and have been in and out of hospital for the last month or so

I was sick on the 3 of January and was bring up black bill and in  the end could not keep down water and end up on a drip to dehydrated me it took all day and was sent home the next feeling no better then I did when I went in - the next Monday I had to send for the doctor again as I started been sick again and could not eat because I felt so sick, he gave me some thing for the sickness and he gave me erythomycin in case of an infection . I end up in A and E yet again to be told to go home there was nothing they could do for me so went to the doctor again and told them that nobody was listening to me and was not happy with the way I was been looked after and they did yet another blood test for cervical cancer and that came back all OK and then told told me they had found I had CRR it makes you feel very ill have posted some thing about it
I still am struggling with food I feel full all of the time to the point I feel as if I have eaten a big dinner and so do not want food at all but have made a golden rule that I eat 3 times a day so need to have my breakfast early so I can eat a lunch and my eat a bit later because other wise there is no hope - I am still loosing weight
yesterday I had 2 weetabix and that was one to many and for my lunch I had 1/2 cup of home made soup and I did my cabbage thing for my tea with 4 chicken nugget with some sweet and sourer sauce

To get to Hogan Howe fools have they stopped targeting me no but to be fair they have turned the pain down but are still targeting my inside and it is just not help full

have not got this 

look on the net to find out what made me bring up black bile and came up with this and they have said if it were this I would be yellow - may be not a good thing thing to look up illness 

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