Monday, 31 December 2001

2-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe

2-2-17 time 10-52

in the night they woke me up and made me go to the loo so they could target my eyes
I started the day no different from yesterday pain to my head so stayed in bed until they filled there boots and then got up

I had my breakfast while the bathroom warmed up so I could take a shower I have become a whip in my old age there was a time I could have showed in the freezing cold - when I was on the boat there was some times ice on the inside of the window and my small shower did not have any heat only what it got from the pot belled stove it was a case of shower and and sit in front of the fire to dry - now if it is not warm and my clothes are not warm well need I say more

my tummy is swollen to day and I feel so full in the mood for comfort sweets but can not eat them how sad is that
I made a promise to my sister that I would eat three time a day and have not broken that so far but the way I feel to day it could well happen

breakfast small amount of cereal and  1/4 of tin pear coffee

have had trouble with my scaner this morning and laptop not wanting to talk to each other

I brought one of these back in October I think and have been trying to do so many each day
I did not do nay through January but started again yesterday and have found out that when you get to 10th it gose back to 0 - I told the doctor I did this and he was quite pleased as it is good for your hart - right now I do not know if I am doing right for wrong and way we have 35 on the clock see what I do to day even if it is only a few it will help - some time I am not getting enough oxygen to my hart and they have targeted my hart for many year and have post videos about this in the past

time 12-26 pm the office on duty have just shot me through the left eye with a long sharp shot because I was looking at scarves on line - I have been looking for a bright coloured one

             this was taken when I was in hospital in 2004 they kept shooting me through the eye until they put a hole in it - as soon as the operation was over they started targting my eye then when they found I could read they shot me through the eye again and said they did not want me going beyond the front door I have post vidos about this in the past and still have all the video I made in hospital including the ones I took of other people they targted


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