Monday, 31 December 2001

13-2-17 letter to Hogan Howe bet she wish she had not said it

13-2-17 time 10-15am
They have been targeting under my bust for day with an itch never scratch your skin only through your clothing you will destroy there rash
there is a woman on duty at the moment wonder what she get out of it

11-53 the woman on duty and targeted my back while I was unpacking my shopping and while doing it she said we think she has cancer and then said ' she would rather have cancer then us put her down and we would have done it painlessly' There weapons cause pain at what ever level they are set at in all the year they have been doing this to me there has never been a day with out pain even now thinking that and knowing I am not well has not stopped them they are of cause that they have been out done by nature as they wanted the ultimate  high mind you I think they have all ready had that as I will not have been the only one - you need to look at - they are still targeting my groin and then when it bleeds they say what happens if she end up in hospital and try and pretend they care 
time 1909 they are targeting my tummy and it feels as if it is burning knowing I am haveing trouble in all departments  - they get me up in the night to make me peep so they can target my eye while I go to the loo 

I am waiting for a food delivery

breakfast one weetabix with milk 2 cups of coffee

lunch walnut bread and cheese

tea chicken curry with rice + 1/2  mug of beef tea it is quite surprising what you think will do you good when you are trying to make your self well

did some ox tail in the slow cooker and then took the meat of  it is more like grave but it is very comforting

                                  I am now up to 4th  but this gadget has up set me it went back to 0 again and I had set my hart on getting to 10th this month just want to see it,

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