Monday, 31 December 2001

13-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe weapon and there tells

13-2-1- time

There weapons
Ever thing they use leaves a tell from rashes to smell to a sandy type thing that looks nothing like dry skin when they make you itch it makes a rash do not scratch it because you can you can preserve it and take a pic you can even go to your doctor as it is like no other rash you have seen
this next bit is not very nice but because they can and do target you in any place in your body they do even your private parts  when they target you with what I call a lazier type pain it leaves a scare that you can feel because they are cutting the skin and it dose not bleed as my legs show
The smell I have been trying to find something to liken it to and can not so will keep thing about it,
when they target your private part it leave a yellowness and it shows on you unmentionables so I use white and light coloured ones and have taken pic and saved some along with samples of skin and any thing else that I think will be helpful to prove my case should any one ask me

  there was no blood when they did this just the removal of skin and it is very painful when they do it

The Daily mail         

I try and use this most day as I think it is good for my hart 
I am up to 3-and about 50 started the 1st of this month

food I am still not eating well but am learning how much to cook as am not wasting so much which I real hate doing
Have stopped buying a loaf of bread but am buying brown rolls and using a scoop for the veg and what ever that way I am doing just enough for one meal

yesterday I did a small roast did a small bit of belly pork and some roast Veg the potato was just a bit bigger then a large egg   1/2 a carrot and some onion Swede and a parsnip

I still can not work out what is going on and will have to go back to the doctors there are lumps behind my knees again the thing is when you go to  doctors you get 10 minutes and you can only tell them about one thing at once they do not treat you as a whole and they need to - I have started writing down ever thing that is wrong and making them read it
I feel very worried at the moment and need a bloody plan I all ways have a plan and can cope with any thing once I have one in place

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