Monday, 31 December 2001

28-2-17 3-3-17 Letter to Hogan Howe


They are still shooting sharp shots in to my eye and causing hard pain to my back when I am in the kitchen
early one of the men on duty said I did not appreciate the fact that they had turned down the pain they want me to be grateful for some thing they had no right in doing in the fist place
the other thing on there mind is what is wrong with me, I am still having trouble eating and am still losing weight  what they would like is for some one to find some thing wrong with me that is not related to there weapons -

2-3-17  have an appointment for the hospital fingers x they find out why I can not eat -

Last night when the woman on duty woke me and then made me want to me so she could target my eyes - she said she wanted me to post so she could be seen to be doing the job she was getting pain for
there has been no change in what they are doing to me


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