Monday, 31 December 2001

16-2-17- Letter to Hogan Howe there projectile in the shape of a hand


They woke me god knows how many time in the night I lost count- they are still targeting my back,
I did wet mopped the floors yesterday and they tarted my back all of the time,
ever day I cream my legs which you think would make them look better it dose get rid of the dry skin but it all so make my skin look thin and alone with the colour they make them it look as though my skin is breaking down my brother in law remarked on the state of my leg yesterday and said the same thing - they keep saying they want my legs to look normal but all the time they are playing there silly games they wont they can change the colour of your skin and I have proof of this as two ambulance driver and my sister have witnessed this

                              they are still targeting my eyes and have done since I had my op in
when they shot in to my eye they make remarks like she is not seeing as well and wonder how long it will be until she goes blind


                                                waking me up at night - this is what they did onn one of the night they woke and there is all ways the fear they will do it again this video and all the rest were made because they took pride in who could make the worst and they all so thought nobody would ever see them


Breakfast 1 weetabix - coffee and some 4 date and nut

Lunch bread with salmon past on it and tomatoes

Tea the rest of the sausage casserole with  pot and cabbage
have real struggled to day with food

  my step thing started again and I was at 4th and am now back to a 1th I was trying to do 10th this month -I am using this because I was told it was good for my hart.

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