Monday, 31 December 2001

15-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe my poor tummy

Yesterday as well as drinking coffee I drank more water and before I went to bed had a glass so they got me out of bed 5 times and each time said it was because I had a drink of water so it was my own fault because I had drank the water
while I was getting my breakfast they targeted my back and she said she did not think it hurt that much who would they know unless they had tested it on them selves and in one of the Paten report 69 and 70 it say they can not test it on police office I will have to see if I can find there are quite a few of them and all they look alike at fist glance they are  not - what I said to her is that I hope some one run over her back then she will  no how painful it is at one time I could take the pain now it makes me double up
because they go me up so many time am feeling as if I could go to bed and have had an hour this afternoon  in the end all that will happen I will collapse and people will wonder why as I am not active

Breakfast 1 scoop of porridge
lunch 2 slice of bread with butter and salmon past on it 1/2 a large apple

Tea sausage casserole

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