Monday, 31 December 2001

19-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe who would you haunt


19-2-17-time 19-06
The woman on duty has spent the last two hours targeting my tummy to the point it stopped me even trying to eat - it was only when I got ready for bed that she stopped and I could eat the little I am eating - all the time I was having my meal she wondered if I was putting it on - I have feel full all of the time it is like trying to eat a meal after you have eaten I big roast dinner - I have all ways enjoyed my food and have to say as much as I find eating a trial the little I am eating I am still enjoying the flavour of it when that stopped I am in real trouble - they are all so targeting my bowls so I keep going to the loo they say they are doing this so I am empty and will then feel hungry it dose not work like that and will be going back to the doctor this week
I have never been like this before and am at a loss my other problem is I all ways look well - when I am in my coffin some one will say that I look well that is why there will be no viewing this old girl -I have all ways said I will haunt the one who says's it and do not want to haunt my sister's bless them

                                       would you want me following you around looking like this

time 19-51 the woman on duty has just said they did not mean what they were doing yet she has not stopped targeting my tummy it feels as if someone has got hand inside me and pulling out my inside and the other thing in all this it is 

have spent the whole morning shredding old bill why do we keep our bills for so long when we scan them and keep them in files, someone told me that when you shred it can be put back together again so I all ways then put them in a bucket of water with some washing up liquid because me and my sister know how to play secret squirrel and between you and me I have a neighbour who goes through the bin that we all share confusing the symptoms I am having because all the time I have to stop and think is it them or me


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