Monday, 31 December 2001

18-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe - the woman duty dose not want to be seen as a loser

what they though
there is a woman on duty this morning and she remarked to the man on duty that they could not give up because they would  look like loses - she would rather be labelled a murder then loser  because in the end they will end my life - I will never know how long I would have lived or well I would have stated non of do - but I no if they had left me alone I could have worked a lot long then I did - Had they left me alone and I was still on my boat I could have gone around the canal,
they say this has been for research what research they have never asked me for feed back and when I have cried in pain they have said I was putting it on, what they though was that the weapons they were given would dispatch any one who got in there way quickly and it would look like a natural death, instead what they have found it levels them with a great problem then they started with and because they though it would be over in no time left themselves no back door,
when I was young and silly a man called Jo came to my rescue and the life skills he taught me have held me in good stead - I owe a Lot to this man who changed my  life for the better had they meet him they would not be in the position they  are now, and I would not have survived this.

They greats joy in my life has been the people I have meet ever one has a story and I have all way been a listener and I can come up with a plan for any one as my friend Margaret will tell, I all start with if I was you I would do and leave it up to them if they take it or leave it and never say I told you so either way it dose not help

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