Monday, 31 December 2001

21/22 -2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe - and what the doctor said yesterday

I think I had a better night they only got me up 3 times and did not shot me in the eyes with the sharp pain there are other ways they can do the can cause a slight fuzz feeling as they are now that make your strain

I did not post yesterday because I had so much to think about because I was going to the doctors to day and did not feel to well - having been to the doctors it has now given me even more to think about
I asked the nurse to weigh me before I saw the doctor and I have lost 2 stone in weight since the 14 of December since I have had trouble eating, any way they are sending me to a tummy doctor as they have done ever blood test know to man and they have all come back OK except for one and it was to do with protein but that was heading in the right direction
they are still targeting my eye with this at night


for at least the last week or more they have been targeting under my bust with an itch they say this is not sexual so why are they doing it not only is it sexual it is sadistic and they do ever thing they do to for fill there own perverted need

                               it is like someone sprinkling you with itching powder all day long
                                 I never scratch it but rub it through my clothes now and again

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