Monday, 31 December 2001

23-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe - if I go to Prison


The police office who have made my life hell over the last few year are saying I am making them look bad this is not true I only post what they do to me,  if they stopped I would not have any thing to say would I or post
last night one of them said that they did not feel they were in danger at the moment, what I said was that the first time they knew they were in danger might be a know on the door after all I have never heard of any body been warned they were going to be arrested before hand unless they knew a bent copper I suppose, but who will tip them off nobody,

How this ends up is with in there own gift  after all at the moment they could stop and pack there bags and leave me alone so to speak - when I have said this they have said it will make them look like looser -

the office on duty at 3am said that if he ends up in prison because of me when he gets out he will he stopped at that point - if he end up in prison because of me I will be dead before he see the light of day after all I am 71 and he will get life -may be this will give him food for thought

                                                         they are still making me itch

they woke me at least twice last night to target my eye 

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